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Seller of balloons

Seller of balloons 

in a market. The balloons salesman wanted to entice buyers to him 
somehow. They decided to make an offer of balloons. He took a red balloon and filled it with helium and launched it. And then came back and took the last yellow. Then green. Then blue and so on. And in the view a bit conspicuous children gathered around him.
Then comes baby Brown and hard gently from his coat. Then he asked innocently ((if black balloons launched.. may fly in the air?!)). She bowed to him and denied the seller said ((of course fly, my son.. that makes the balloon fly is inside and not color))
Wisdom ((trust that first drive towards excellence and excellence is the capacity and talent that you have, not what you look like or work or descent or money and other things that people viewed her as a reason for success))
The balloon in the story. 
And the seller said ((because its flight is the air inside it and not look like or be mean about lenny))


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