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To the subconscious eight laws as follows.

To the subconscious eight laws as follows.

1. the echo code: If you see someone love it so by all means fail all ways to see him when he finishes the mind meets a coincidence.
2. the law of purity: If I sought for fame by helping others won't get it, and if I sought to help people crawled thee fame voluntarily.
3. telepathy: If I think of someone with gamma waves compatibility for two minutes right before bedtime, you will see that person in pajamas.
4. the law of attraction: If you believe an idea and believed in her and became occupied 80% of your fantasies and thoughts you will earn, in order to later because your mind will by any means.
5. mail code: If you feel confused and lost, suddenly for no reason you know that someone is thinking about you now, and he wants you so badly.
6. the law of Allah: If most of your dreams (manamatk) come true, that means you're having work devoted to God.
7. law of persecution: If all people you meet shoot, you know why your prospective pessimistic.
8. the law of communicating with nature: If the hard life and luck but you have a great sense of hope, you can't explain it, it means that something is coming in the future and will change your life completely.


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